AT&T Awards $12,250 to the Montgomery County Child Development Association

Contribution will be matched to bring $24,500 for child care to Red Oak.

Speaking at The Montgomery County Child Development Association last week in Red Oak, AT&T Director for External Affairs, Dustin Blythe, announced a $12,250 contribution to the Association to support the child care center. The contribution will be matched by Red Oak community members bringing the total gift to $24,500 to improve quality and capacity at the child care center.

AT&T call center employees advocated for these funds to be dedicated to the opening of the Montgomery County Child Development Association child care center to serve the children and families of their community. AT&T’s support acknowledges the importance of high quality, safe and affordable child care for their employees and the community where they live and work.

“From a business perspective, there is no better investment than an investment in our children. The employees at our call center advocated for funding for this service that provides peace of mind to parents and insures their children are well cared for during their work days,” said Dustin Blythe, Director of External Affairs. “It is our pleasure to support the Montgomery County Child Development Association.”

“We are grateful for AT&T’s support, which will be supplemented with matching funding from ACORN for the opening of our new community child care center. We appreciate the confidence and support of the employees at the call center,” said Kelly Osheim, Director.

“Access to safe and affordable child care is something that is critically important to Iowa families. Finding solutions to these issues will be a major priority for the 2020 legislative session, but will also require a team effort with support from our communities and employers,” said Rep. David Sieck (R-Glenwood).

“It is amazing to see AT&T and their employees step up, and I applaud them for their generous contribution and investment. Their commitment will provide a big boost to our community and the families in Montgomery County.”

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