Standing for Equality

At AT&T, we stand for equality and embrace freedom. We are committed to standing up for justice and elevating diverse voices in our state’s conversation about the future of policing. Today, you can help promote racial equality and social justice in Cook County.
Here’s the issue: 

Soon, the Cook County Board will vote on a resolution that would adopt Ten Shared Principles on police engagement in communities. These principles were developed and adopted by the NAACP - Illinois State Conference and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. A vote on the resolution is currently scheduled for September 24th.

• In August, we were the first corporation to affirm the Ten Shared Principles in Illinois, and we support this Cook County resolution. 
• The Principles on police engagement in communities also align with the Business Roundtable’s principles that we also support. 

AT&T will continue to seek opportunities to support racial equality and social justice initiatives in Illinois that align with our principles, and we will keep you updated on this important work.

You can use your voice to help! Take action!
AT&T’s commitment to Stand For Equality
Here’s how you can help today: 

Please consider submitting the letter below to Cook County elected officials to encourage their support for the Ten Shared Principles on police engagement in communities. Click in the box if you’d like to personalize your letter.

Our society doesn't work — if it doesn't work equally for all.
Participation, whether at work or on your own time, is entirely voluntary.
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