Debunking opponents’ claims about a modern communications law for Illinois

“Any claim by our opponents implying that home phone service is going away is absolutely false. Home phone service isn’t going away, it’s getting better.

At AT&T, we value our customers and we want to keep them. In this transition, we want to improve the technology customers use for voice calling service from old service to modern landlines and wireless.

About 90 percent of households in AT&T territory already moved to modern wired and wireless services. They are generally cheaper and they are reliable for consumers.

For the few who remain on old technology, the proposal establishes customer protections to ensure that customers have access to voice calling service and 9-1-1 access at home.

19 of 21 states where AT&T is the phone provider already passed modern communications laws. Illinois has fallen behind, but it can catch up this year.”

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Statement attributable to AT&T Illinois President Paul La Schiazza on passage of Senate Bill 1839 to modernize the state’s communications law:

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