Five Facts about Landlines from AT&T Illinois

1. Traditional landline phone service from AT&T is not going away anytime soon.
No one will be left behind. We value our customers, and we want to keep them. That is why AT&T is upgrading the technology for home phone service.

2. Illinois is the 20th state to enact a modern communications law, and AT&T still sells and provides traditional landline service to customers in all of those states, including Illinois.

3. The new Illinois law helps plan for the eventual transition to only the technologies that customers overwhelmingly prefer today -- modern landline service and wireless service.
While the timetable for that transition is undetermined at this time, it could take a number of years.

4. About 90 percent of households in AT&T Illinois traditional territory already moved to modern landlines or wireless for home phone service.
In AT&T Illinois traditional phone territory, estimates show that nearly four times as many customers get their home phone service from modern landlines (from U-verse or cable providers) than from old copper landlines. Modern landlines are here to stay. Prices for modern landline phone and wireless service are generally less expensive than the average old traditional landline service.

5. Illinois legislators included some of the most significant consumer protections of any modern communications law in the country.

The new law ensures that residential customers who still use AT&T traditional landline service must have access to voice calling and reliable 911 service at home from a modern landline or wireless voice service. Eventually, when this transition moves forward, the process for residential customers will include a minimum of four notices to customers, a process at the Illinois Commerce Commission that could take as long as 255 days, followed by a process at the Federal Communications Commission.

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