New legislation streamlines network deployment

In May, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed LB 184, which creates the Small Cell Wireless Facility Deployment Act, a new statewide law to streamline and expedite the process for the deployment of small cells.

Small cells are compact, unobtrusive devices that attach to existing utility poles, light poles or traffic lights. These handy little devices complement large cell towers to bring the power of the wireless network closer to users. Small cells will not only boost the performance of wireless services today but are the building blocks for next generation wireless technology, or 5G.

By bringing the network closer, small cells deliver increased data capacity, faster connectivity speeds and an overall better wireless experience. That means when people are using their wireless devices to binge watch movies, work, text, access social media and web surf, they can do so quickly and easily without interruption, loss of signal or delays.

Bolstering network capacity and expanding access to faster mobile internet speeds will help deliver new opportunities in areas like the Internet of Things, connected cars and tractors, smart cities, distance learning and telemedicine.

With his signature on the bill, Governor Ricketts and Nebraska’s forward-looking legislators have positioned the state to take advantage of new wireless technology to enhance the Silicon Prairie.

In his signing statement Governor Ricketts said, “Giving Nebraskans more access to next generation broadband technology will connect our communities and create more great opportunities. I look forward to seeing the growth that this generates as more and more 5G technology comes on board and keeps our state moving forward.”

LB 184 passed the Nebraska Senate 44-0.

Click here to read Governor Ricketts’ opinion piece.

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