The AT&T IT CAN WAIT Tour makes a stop at the Iowa State Fair

AT&T joined with the Iowa Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association to highlight the dangers of distracted driving at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 10-20. Hundreds of fairgoers stopped by the Association’s booth to take our IT CAN WAIT® virtual reality simulator for a spin. The simulation provides a 3-D, immersive experience. It’s a very realistic but safe way to experience first-hand the potentially deadly consequences of glancing at your phone while driving.

During the 2017 legislative session, AT&T joined the Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association as part of the “Stay Alive: Don’t Phone and Drive coalition,” a broad group of law enforcement, policymakers and others to toughen Iowa’s distracted driving laws and end this dangerous practice.

Thanks to overwhelming support from policymakers, texting while driving is now a primary offense in Iowa. But we know that effort is only part of the process for improving the safety of drivers and passengers on our roads. Some 95% of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, yet 71% of drivers engage in smartphone activities while driving.

When we started the IT CAN WAIT campaign 6 years ago, we focused on texting while driving, but today drivers can use their smartphones to not only type text messages, but also to access the Internet, watch videos, play games, engage in social media apps and all sorts of activities that take their eyes off of the road.

Our message at the state fair and through the IT CAN WAIT program is simple. When behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, our first priority is to keep our eyes on the road and drive safely.

That simple but direct message can be a lifesaver. Hundreds of fairgoers seemed to agree and took the pledge to stop this dangerous practice.

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