Why Illinois Needs a Small Cell Law Now

Skyrocketing Demand and the Need for Small Cells
Illinois consumers and businesses increasingly rely on wireless internet – or “mobile data” – to improve their lives, and the demand is only going to grow.

  • People already use – on average – 12 apps on their device every day.
  • Data traffic per smartphone is projected to grow 5 times by 2022.

As demand grows, small cells help bring customers faster download speeds, improved call quality and a better overall experience.

What are the benefits of small cell legislation?

  • KEEPING CONSUMERS CONNECTED: Local consumers want access to the fastest mobile internet networks to stay connected to friends and family, work, school, and public safety first responders.
  • ATTRACTING AND RETAINING JOBS: Local businesses increasingly rely on mobile internet networks to stay connected to their customers and their employees. The latest networks are essential for cities looking to land major employers.
  • SMART CITIES: By utilizing mobile internet networks, “Smart Cities” solutions can help municipalities save taxpayer dollars by reducing energy usage, decreasing traffic congestion and lowering fuel costs. This frees up dollars for other city priorities – police, fire and parks.
  • NEXT GENERATION 9-1-1: Next Generation 9-1-1 will allow Illinois residents to summon 9-1-1 help by using mobile internet networks to send text messages – and soon even videos – so first responders can be best prepared to keep the public safe.
  • FACILITATING LATEST TECHNOLOGY FOR MODERN CITIES: Meeting this demand and realizing these benefits requires an updated regulatory framework that facilitates the latest technology networks, like 5G, that depends on deployment of a large volume of small cells. SB 1451 provides that new framework.

What other states have passed small cell legislation?
States throughout the country already passed small cells legislation, including neighboring states Indiana and Iowa and large states California, Texas and Florida.

What is the status of Illinois small cell legislation -- Senate Bill 1451?
Small cell legislation – Senate Bill 1451 – passed the Illinois Senate 47-8 and is now pending in the Illinois House. Due to the skyrocketing demand for mobile internet, Illinois consumers will benefit sooner if legislation is passed during the Fall Veto Session.

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